Wire & Pins

Professional quality floral wire and pins allow beginner and seasoned florists to create secure floral designs for events and décor. Wire can be easily cut with scissors or wire cutters and works well with all types of flowers including fresh, dried or silk stems.

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  1. Floral Greening Pins (Bulk)
    Floral Greening Pins (Bulk)
  2. 18" Floral Stem Wire (Bulk)
    18" Floral Stem Wire (Bulk)
  3. 18" Floral Stem Wire (CPG)
    18" Floral Stem Wire (CPG)
  4. 673' Floral Binding Wire (Bulk)
    673' Floral Binding Wire (Bulk)
  5. Floral Wire Cutter (CPG)
    Floral Wire Cutter (CPG)
  6. 270' Floral Paddle Wire (CPG)
    270' Floral Paddle Wire (CPG)
  7. Floral Spooled Wire (Bulk)
    Floral Spooled Wire (Bulk)
  8. Floral Paddle Wire (Bulk)
    Floral Paddle Wire (Bulk)
  9. 50' Floral Coiled Wire (Bulk)
    50' Floral Coiled Wire (Bulk)
  10. Floral Wire Netting (Bulk)
    Floral Wire Netting (Bulk)
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