Wreath forms, wire shapes, and more for wreath-makingWreath forms, wire shapes, and more for wreath-making


Our wreath-making collection offers a full assortment of wreath form types, including FōM, straw and wire in various shapes and sizes. Need tools and accessories? We have those, too! Everything you need for your door décor!

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  1. CLOSEOUT - Wire Wreath Ring (Bulk)
    CLOSEOUT - Wire Wreath Ring (Bulk)
  2. 270' Floral Paddle Wire (CPG)
    270' Floral Paddle Wire (CPG)
  3. CraftFōM Nested Hearts - White (Bulk)
    CraftFōM Nested Hearts - White (Bulk)
  4. Floral Spooled Wire (Bulk)
    Floral Spooled Wire (Bulk)
  5. Floral Paddle Wire (Bulk)
    Floral Paddle Wire (Bulk)
  6. CLOSEOUT - Wire Wreath Triangle (Bulk)
    CLOSEOUT - Wire Wreath Triangle (Bulk)
  7. CLOSEOUT - Wire Wreath Hexagon (Bulk)
    CLOSEOUT - Wire Wreath Hexagon (Bulk)
  8. 50' Floral Coiled Wire (Bulk)
    50' Floral Coiled Wire (Bulk)
  9. CLOSEOUT - Farmhouse Frame Net Wood Frame (Bulk)
    CLOSEOUT - Farmhouse Frame Net Wood Frame (Bulk)
  10. CraftFōM Extruded Heart - White (CPG)
    CraftFōM Extruded Heart - White (CPG)
  11. Plastic Wreath Wrap (Bulk)
    Plastic Wreath Wrap (Bulk)
  12. Wire Wreath Ring (CPG)
    Wire Wreath Ring (CPG)
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