Floral Tools & Accessories

To make stunning centerpieces, remarkable wreaths, lively arrangements and more, creators need the best tools and accessories. FloraCraft® offers a wide collection for cutting, beveling, holding together and decorating with ease. Each tool and accessory will help achieve the ultimate vision – an arrangement fit for any occasion.

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  1. 18" Floral Stem Wire (Bulk)
    18" Floral Stem Wire (Bulk)
  2. 18" Floral Stem Wire (CPG)
    18" Floral Stem Wire (CPG)
  3. Floral Tape (CPG)
    Floral Tape (CPG)
  4. Wire Wreath (CPG)
    Wire Wreath (CPG)
  5. Floral Greening Pins (Bulk)
    Floral Greening Pins (Bulk)
  6. 673' Floral Binding Wire (Bulk)
    673' Floral Binding Wire (Bulk)
  7. Galvanized Wreath Hanger (Bulk)
    Galvanized Wreath Hanger (Bulk)
  8. Floral Wire Cutter (CPG)
    Floral Wire Cutter (CPG)
  9. Silk Plant Cleaner (CPG)
    Silk Plant Cleaner (CPG)
  10. 50' Floral Coiled Wire (Bulk)
    50' Floral Coiled Wire (Bulk)
  11. 270' Floral Paddle Wire (CPG)
    270' Floral Paddle Wire (CPG)
  12. Floral Spooled Wire (Bulk)
    Floral Spooled Wire (Bulk)
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