SmoothFōM® (EPS)

SmoothFōM®’s dense, lightweight and smooth structure is great for painting or coating with a broad range of products to create virtually any color or texture. Plus, SmoothFōM is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, giving it more project flexibility.

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  1. SmoothFōM Hollow Half Ball - White (CPG)
    SmoothFōM Hollow Half Ball - White (CPG)
  2. SmoothFōM Cross - White (Bulk)
    SmoothFōM Cross - White (Bulk)
  3. SmoothFōM Ball - White (Bulk)
    SmoothFōM Ball - White (Bulk)
  4. SmoothFōM Picture Frame - White (CPG)
    SmoothFōM Picture Frame - White (CPG)
  5. SmoothFōM Female Head - White (CPG)
    SmoothFōM Female Head - White (CPG)
  6. SmoothFōM Faceless Head - White (CPG)
    SmoothFōM Faceless Head - White (CPG)
  7. SmoothFōM Male Head - White (CPG)
    SmoothFōM Male Head - White (CPG)
  8. SmoothFōM Heart - White (Bulk)
    SmoothFōM Heart - White (Bulk)
  9. SmoothFōM Open Heart Wreath - White (Bulk)
    SmoothFōM Open Heart Wreath - White (Bulk)
  10. SmoothFōM Wreath - White (Bulk)
    SmoothFōM Wreath - White (Bulk)
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